1, Choose a product which you want to order.(選擇一個您需要購買的商品)


2, Enter Qty and Click "ADD TO CART".(選擇購買數量,然後點擊加入“購物車”按鈕)


3, In the top right conner of the webpage,you can see your order has been successful and click “CHECKOUT” to pay.(在網站右上角可以顯示您已經成功下單的數量,請點擊結賬)


4, Register Account or Guset Checkout.(您可以選擇註冊成為我們會員或者直接結賬)


5, Supposing I choose "Guest Checkout",Please enter the information and click "continue"(假設我選擇了直接結賬,在之後的頁面請輸入相關信息,然後點擊“繼續”按鈕進行下一步)


6, We suggest order more than 3boxes ,over $170 free shipping!! we use EMS,it may take you 5~7days to receive your package.(我们建议您购买3盒以上,可以免运费。我们使用EMS快运,大概5~7天您能收到包裹)


7, Please choose paypal to checkout ,that is safety and convenient.(請選擇PAYPAL進行付款,這是安全和方便的)


8, Last step, please confirm your order ,and click "Confirm Order". (最後一步請確認您的賬單,然後點擊確認)