Wonderful Tibetan Baicao Tea for Health

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Baicao tea originated in China,

  Baicao tea originated in China, is mainly a collection of locally grown, non-toxic side effects of Chinese herbal and decoct to drug drinks. Baicao tea is used as health product for some disease. In particular, have a special effect on the prevention of infectious diseases and infectious diseases.

  Tibetan Baicao tea is base on Baicao tea research and develop for helping the cure of various allergic inflammation and gout. Its effectiveness is in the thorough defecation, coordination of liver and kidney detoxification, immunity enhancement, anti-allergy and body fluid balance conditioning,

  Humans suffer from a variety of diseases, because the detoxification function of the liver and kidney have failed, and immunity decreased. This cause Toxins remain inside the body can not be ruled out, antibodies disorders caused by a variety of chronic allergic inflammation. The functio of kindey failed causes body water metabolism disorder, body fluid electrolyte disorder, and acid-base balance disorder . This result lead to various diseases, such as allergic inflammation, rubella, gout and a variety of inflammation.

  Tibetan Baicao tea, was a Tibetan holy tea. Its efficacy to bowel defecation, coordination of liver and kidney detoxification, daily taking can enhance immunity, anti-allergens, and conditioning fluid balance.




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