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Tibetan medicine is one of the world's oldest

Tibetan Baicao Tea(Security Label Version)

Respected as Tibetan Santa Tea

One of the three polar regions in the world---Tibetan plateau.

It’s  one of the last pure and mystical lands for human.

Tibetan medicine is one of the world's oldest known medical traditions: It has been developed and refined through many centuries, incorporating major components from, and in turn influencing, other major medical traditions such as those of India and China. With time, observation, and compiling of knowledge into extensive medical texts, Tibetans have developed a comprehensive health system which is intrinsically linked to, and sourced from, the natural world around them.

When you are in an imbalance or in a disease state,Tibetan Medicine has the potential to help clients with various problems including chronic diseases as well as modern day diseases.That is why, Tibetan medicine has gained admiration even from western trained medical profession and health care providers who have directly or indirectly experienced the benefits of Tibetan medicine for themselves or for their own patients.

Tibetan Baicao Tea, respected as Tibetan Santa Tea, has been used by Tibetans for the prevention of gastrointestinal dyspepsia and toxin deposition as of excessive meat taken. Its effectiveness is in the thorough defecation, coordination of liver and kidney detoxification, immunity enhancement, anti-allergy and body fluid balance conditioning, therefore very obvious effectiveness has been seen in helping the cure of various allergic inflammation and gout.

Tibetan Baicao Tea originates from the ancient formulas.It choose the best natural medicines available, which are made as per traditional method using herbal ingredients from Himalayan regions.These botanicals are rich sources of powerful antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that support health and fight disease from numerous angles.

The effect of Tibetan Herbs is unsurpassed.Complex formulas(typically containing 3-25 ingredients),include large amounts of unique himalayan high altitude plants.

Tibetan Baicao Tea is left to their natural herbal taste,The taste of it may not easily be accepted by people.But as the old saying in China,” a good medicine tastes bitter”.

Tibetan baicao tea based on the concept of balance,and as such, it contains a synergistic blend of unique ingredients that provide broad-spectrum benefits to bring the body into harmony and promote overall wellness.

That is the reason why so many people choose Tibetan Baicao Tea to effectively strengthen the immune system and promote the balance of your body.


Why do we often get sick ?

Many types of disease happen to our body because of the decay of detoxification in liver and kidney functions, and decreased immunity, which caused deposition of toxin in the body and immunity disorder, thus chronic allergic inflammation induced. Decreased renal function causes water metabolism disorders in our body, body fluid electrolyte imbalance and acid-base balance disorders, which triggered various diseases, such as allergic inflammation, rubella, gout and a variety of inflammatory as well.


Scope of application

Tibetan Baicao tea traditionally used to detox the body of toxins, balance Qi, reduce various inflammation symptoms.

The results who use Tibetan Baicao tea - show that this tea works to address a wide range of health condition :

1:Reduces chronic inflammation and reats skin problems--Baicao Tea’s superior anti-inflammatory abilities make it an effective treatment for many other chronic inflammatory conditions such as bronchitis, dermatitis, eczema,rubella,asthma,psoriasis,allergies,pollen allergy and many more.

2:Supports immunity against infections and balances autoimmune issues--This tea is also shown to help fight bacterial infections, making it an excellent treatment for gingivitis/periodontitis, pulpitis, inflamed/infected dental roots, It is also proven to be effective against viruses (have a cold,have a fever,cough,and other acute and chronic infections)

3:Improves chronic joint pain and stiffness--Periarthritis,Joint pain

,arthritis/rheumatism,gout and many more.

4:Inhibits cancer proliferation and metastasis--It can inflammation-reducing and immune boosting effects, blocks certain enzymes that enable cancer cells to stick to blood vessels, thereby preventing their metastasis to other organs.

More amazing effects waiting for us to find out...


Product Presentation

Product Details

Product Description 

Tibetan Baicao Tea,respected as Tibetan Santa Tea,is made by natural herbs collected from the higher regions of Tibet,without any preservatives,artificial colors or additives.This tea has been used by Tibetans to effectively strengthen the immune system and promote god health.


Product Introduction

Tibetan Baicao Tea is healthy, natural, and effective alternative designed to help for detoxification.We have found that it helps people with Eczema and other skin ailments.We tried pills,creams,and ointments that Western doctors prescribed for Eczema.Nothing worked.We started using Tibetan Baicao Tea and the results were amazing.There was a noticable change within one week and symtoms were almost gone in two weeks.While the tea is expensive,the relief from the itching and scratching is well worth the price!!


Other users report that they have more energy and seem to have more strength during work outs.

The ingredients of the tea are:Snow Lotus,Stevia Rebaudianum,Chrysanthemum Indicum,Liquorice,White Tea Leaf Extract.See our information page for more details.The reason for the high price of the tea is the Snow Lotus.The Snow Lotus,Saussurea Laniceps,favors steep,unstable scree(loose rock debris),slopes well above 12,000 feet and because it only grows in one particular area,there is a limited supply.


Main Ingredients


Radix Glycyrrhiza Glabra 3500mg +
Flos Chrysanthemum 2500mg +
Radix Saposhnikoviae Divaricatae 2500mg + 
Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis 1000mg +
Fructus Siraitia Grosvenori 1000mg +



Cleaning heat and detoxicating, antiallergic,and enhancing immune function.



10grams(0.36oz)/bag, 10 bags/box



For adult,mix 1 bag tea with 300ml hot water,drink 1 bags per day.Children from 6 to 12 years old,take 1/2 bag with honey.



Use only as directed.Consult your doctor if you are pregnant,nursing,on medication,or have a medical condition.Not recommended for children under 6 years old. 

**This statement has not been evaluated by FDA.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

+Daily value not established.


Suitable for

People who has inflammatory of upper airway, acute laryngitis, throatiness, acute and chronic rhinitis, asthma, allergy,dengue and gout.



Ingredient introduction

In the Tibetan Medical System, there are total of 79 medical paintings like the ones which are displayed here on the left side. The origin of these paintings goes back to 17th century AD during the reign of regent Desi Sangye Gyatso.The traditional illustrations of the high altitude medicinal plants in these paintings help in preserving the knowledge of plant identification as well as to pass the knowledge in an unbroken continuity from generation to generation.


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