New Herbs for Tibetan tea

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New Herbs for Tibetan tea

Dear Customers:

Please read the new information before placing an order!!!

Thank you so much for your support all the time.There were something changed we need to teel you!

Because 2 kinds of the herbs can't find in Tibet now,So we have to buy these herbs in Nepal.

We try our best to keep the effect as same as before,But because of the different origin place and the year,There will be a little impact on the effect.

Although some people do not feel the difference,But we should let you know.

We have tested the new tea for a long time,In many ways,the effective has reached 70-80% of the old herbs,and it can reach more than 80% for some symptoms.

This is the best effect it can do,also the best Tibetan tea which you can buy.

If you need to try,please make a small order(1-3 boxes),If the tea can satisfy you,Then you can order more next time.

Even if most users feedback that the new tea still works on them,But everyone's symptoms are different.And we don't accept retuns.

Thank you so much for your understand.

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