【New Herbs】Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea【天天健百草茶】

【New Herbs】Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea【天天健百草茶】

【New Herbs】Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea【天天健百草茶】

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Dear Customers:

Please read the new information before placing an order!!!

Thank you so much for your support all the time.There were something changed we need to teel you!

Because 2 kinds of the herbs can't find in Tibet now,So we have to buy these herbs in Nepal.

We try our best to keep the effect as same as before,But because of the different origin place and the year,There will be a little impact on the effect.

Although some people do not feel the difference,But we should let you know.

We have tested the new tea for a long time,In many ways,the effective has reached more than 80% of the old herbs.

This is the best effect it can do,also the best Tibetan tea which you can buy.

If you need to try,please make a small order(1-3 boxes),If the tea can satisfy you,Then you can order more next time.

Even if most users feedback that the new tea still works on them,But everyone's symptoms are different.And we don't accept retuns.

Thank you so much for your understand.


But the way,

With the cost of natural herbs and transportation costs have risen too much,We need order over 3 boxes to Free Shipping!

If order less than 3 boxes,Will need to pay $15 shipping cost.


 How to get Free Shipping?

When you place an order more than 3 boxes and get ready to pay,On Step 4"Delivery Method",Please  choose "Free Shipping" option.

We will ship by DHL,Normally it will take you 7~12 days to get the package. 

Look forward to your comprehension.

Thank you and Thank you again!!!


All The Tibetan tea we sell are 100% orginal authentic.

They are nautral and have the best effect.

We are committed to offer the lowest price,hightest quality and best services to our customers.

Don’t be hesitate, order soon.We will do our best for you.


If you have any questions,Please contact: info@tibetanbuy.com




Tin Tin Kin Version purcha from East-Tibet (Nyingchi Prefecture)

Old version and Security Label Version purcha from North-Tibet (Naqu Prefecture)

Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea

Why Choose Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea ?

One of the three polar regions in the world---Tibetan plateau.

It’s one of the last pure and mystical lands for human.

Tibetan Medicine begins in Ancient India and Ancient Greece with a history of more than 2300 years,it’s even 800 years earlier than Western Medicine in human body study.

Tibetan medicine is one of the world's oldest known medical traditions: It has been developed and refined through many centuries, incorporating major components from, and in turn influencing, other major medical traditions such as those of India and China. With time, observation, and compiling of knowledge into extensive medical texts, Tibetans have developed a comprehensive health system which is intrinsically linked to, and sourced from, the natural world around them.

The effect of Tibetan Herbs is unsurpassed.Complex formulas(typically containing 3-25 ingredients),include large amounts of unique himalayan high altitude plants.

For those who find themselves unable to find westernized treatments to help with chronic fatigue syndrome and gastrointestinal issues, Tibetan medicine can --with proper adherence to herbal treatments and recommended diet and lifestyle modifications-- generally offer an improvement in quality of life.

Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea is natural , healthy and effective.It choose the best medicines available, which are made as per traditional method using herbal ingredients from Tibet , Nepal and Ladakh. The herbal medicines and treatments have no known side effects.These botanicals are rich sources of powerful antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that support health and fight disease from numerous angles.

         Many types of disease happen to our body because of the decay of detoxification in liver and kidney functions, and decreased immunity, which caused deposition of toxin in the body and immunity disorder, thus chronic allergic inflammation induced.

          Decreased renal function causes water metabolism disorders in our body, body fluid electrolyte imbalance and acid-base balance disorders, which triggered various diseases, such as allergic inflammation, rubella, gout and a variety of inflammatory as well.


Scope of application

Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea works to address a wide range of health condition:

Reduces chronic inflammation and reats skin problems--Baicao Tea’s superior anti-inflammatory abilities make it an effective treatment for many other chronic inflammatory conditions such as bronchitis, dermatitis, eczema,rubella,asthma,psoriasis,allergies,pollen allergy and many more.

Supports immunity against infections and balances autoimmune issues--This tea is also shown to help fight bacterial infections, making it an excellent treatment for gingivitis/periodontitis, pulpitis, inflamed/infected dental roots, It is also proven to be effective against viruses (have a cold,have a fever,cough,and other acute and chronic infections)

Improves chronic joint pain and stiffness--Periarthritis,Joint pain

,arthritis/rheumatism,gout and many more.

Inhibits cancer proliferation and metastasis--It can inflammation-reducing and immune boosting effects, blocks certain enzymes that enable cancer cells to stick to blood vessels, thereby preventing their metastasis to other organs.


Product Presentation

Product Details

Product Description 

Tin Tin Kin  Baicao Tea,respected as Tibetan Santa Tea,has been used by Tibetans for the prevention of gastrointestinal dyspepsia and toxin deposition as of excessive meat taken.It’s effectiveness is in the thorough defecation,coordination of liver and kidney detoxification,immunity enhancement,anti allergy and body fluid balance conditioning,therefore very obvious effectiveness has been seen in helping the cure of various allergic inflammation and gout.



Product Introduction

Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea is healthy,natural,and effective alternative designed to help for detoxification,immunity enhancement and anti-allergy.Use the Tin Tin Kin Baicao Tea when showing the symptoms of cold,acute or chronic nasopharyngitis,allergic bronchitis and muscle/joint inflammation caused by gout.




Main Ingredients


Glycyrrhiza glabra L . var . glandulifera ≥ 25%
Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. ≤ 20%
Hydrangea Tea ≤ 20%
Thamnolia Vermicularis (Ach) Asa-hina  ≥ 15%
Saussurea in volucrate ≤ 10%
Arenaria Kansuensis Maxim ≤ 8%
Crocus sativus L . ≤ 2%




Cleaning heat and detoxicating,antiallergic,and enhancing immune function.



10grams(0.36oz)/bag, 10 bags/box



For adult,mix 1 bag tea with 300ml hot water,drink 1 bags per day.Children from 6 to 12 years old,take 1/3 bag with honey.



Use only as directed. If you are pregnant, nursing, on medication, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use.Not recommended for children under 6 years old.

**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure,or prevent any disease.


Suitable for

People who has inflammatory of upper airway,acute laryngitis,throatiness,acute and chronic rhinitis,asthma,allergy,dengue and gout.


Natural Healthy Effective

Originate from time-honored Tibetan Herbal Formula


Ingredient introduction


Item specifics
item Type Herbal Tea
Grade Genuine authenticl
Shelf Life 3 years
Packaging Box
Certification GMP,FDA
Specification 10 bags/box (10grams/bag)
Place of Origin Tibet, China (Mainland)
Efficacy Strengthen Immunity | Pollen allergy | Skin sensibility | Rheumatic | Headache | inflammatory of upper airway | acute laryngitis | throatiness | acute and chronic rhinitis, asthma, allergy, dengue and gout

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